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The Dutch Mona Lisa

Photo Gallery

Gallery 1

Hi ....You Just Landed On My Part Of Cyber Space


I Am Daina Dawn Vantill

And this Is My Web Site




Mona_Lisa.jpg (153513 bytes)



*Ta* ....*Da*...=-)



This web page was made with just photos and fonts and Fun to show you Fine folks out in Cyber Space how it can be Really done

No BIG BIG java run a muck here..=-)

Noppers...not a One





okay..This Web Site is NOTHING

Like Any Other Web Site Out In Cyber Space

And Any and All Web Site Rules

Do Not

Apply HERE..!! 





















You know why...?






It's just Because






I Did IT....=-)







I'm Rewriting the

Rule books...=-)




Starting Right NOW...




At This Point RIGHT Here




Now for Some

Words Of Wisdom



Now...If Your Ever Thinking on Making a web page Gallery with photo's of You on it and put out in Cyber Space...


Here some sound rules to go by....



Do It with Puzzaz


With Class        And Style



And Don't Ever be scared of the camera



And Be vary Brave and classy and charming and Lovable and funny such



And look Vary SMART



And say Hey These Picturs Are Of ME




And Try To Look Like Your on

Top Of The world

For All Of Cyber Space to See




And Remember this....Nobody EVER ...EVER  ...EVER

Likes to see just Some Dumpy Photo's with Dumb Lame Dumpy Old Poses and No Life in them.

Or trampy looking photos that make you screem and Run


That's So Old school It's JUST Pathetic...=-p




What FRICKEN fun is that...?




And If...Just ...If ....Mind You


If ...You follow these GoldenRules...

Your Web Site Gallery out in Cyber Space will be...



**Out Of Sight **



And Will Look Really Oh So...





And It Will Soon Be Really Populer with folks



And Be **The BEST DAMN Web Site** EVER Seen,...




Oh....And Don't ...Ever... EVER Forget The Most Important Rule Of ALL.....



Don't Ever Forget To Say...














Come all in folks

closer Please

That's good right there...


Now...Let Me show you How I't's Done




You Start Out with something Like This...









Warning To ALL

This Is A Cheezy Web Site

And It's Not Rated G








This Cheezy Web Site Is Rated R

Due to the Cheezy Photo's And Cheezy Content On This Cheezy Web site






But...If I HAd to give it a Rating

I'd Give This Cheezy Web Site A Vary New Rating scale


The Web site Gets A R.C. Rating



















All Women

And Any And ALL

Women Want To Be's

That Stumble on this Really Cheezy Web Site

* Warning * * Warning * * Warning *

This Web site Is NOT good for Your Ego

And You will be just CRUSHED.!.!


I Am So *Sorry*

I Would NOTAdvise

Going beyond this Point

I SAY.....Go Back Now..!.!.!

You...Are Just Going To Get Vary Vary Vary Vary Jealous



Past This Point Here You Will See


This Really Cheezy Web Site Is More for the Fella's







Psst....Are the women gone yet...?



lUmm..Look Around Really Good...

There Vary Vary Sneeky..Grrrrr










Hmmm...I Don't See Any


So...The Coast Must Be  Clear..=-)










(*( WAVES )*)







Now...In Life...If *You* Don't toot Your Own Horn

Who's going to do it For *You*













































Good GOSH All Mighty...















Around HERE..Grrrr








Well it looks like I'll do it Myself





SO Here it



What is this web site about...hmmm...

Well it's About...It's All About Me...=-)

As You may know there seems to be a vary old Scale out there that Men seem to go by to rate Women.


And for some unknowen reason Mona Lesa seems to come out close To the top of the scale in Many Many Mens heads.


We All heard This In are Life Time Before

She May be Pritty ,but she's no Mona Lisa..


Well....I feel that Scale is NOT FAIR .!.!.!

Men....How Dare You Do That.!.!.!



And IT's ALL So out of scale

I feel it should Really go to up To 11

That's Because That's The Number I Feel That I belong

This may sound like I'm Blowing My Own Horn

Well...Maybe I aM, It just Maybe..?.?.?


I'll let You make That Call...

Just look into

My Really Cheezy Gallery

And I hope You see it All..!.!.!






Well....If Your Going Around Saying Your

The Dutch Mona Lisa

You have To Be a Little full Of "It"



And Yes  Yes I Am Full if "It"

Hee   Hee  Hee



You'll   See


You'll See...=-)


I'm just getting started


With *You*






Hey....looks Like I Got Me A New One Here to Play with...


Oh ....Are You are in for a **REAL TREAT**


You Better Watch Me closely...

I'oh so Sneeky and Mighty Crafty

And I'm Oh...So Hard To Beet

But one Thing that I Am Not



And That's...



*Cheezy Cheep*









Now...Where oh Where to start off this Really Cheezy Web Site ...

Hmm....Oh I got it....

I'll have to look back into My family history a bit deeper to see if I'm related to good Old Mona Lesa....

A Lot of people in My life see the conection, So I thought I let the rest of the world check it out also...

See if You can figure it out....=-)

ALL of these photo's are a time laps of just a few days and put on this web page a day or so later.

These Photo's are Locked In...No New Photo Update Are To Be Found On This Web Page ever again.

The photo's in this Gallery are Cheep Cheezy Logitech QuikCam photo's of Me.

I like the raw untuched up cheezy look so I don't look like I'm a pro show off or anything like that...=-)

Well..I'm Not.!!..Well ...Not at this time at least...(*(WINK)*)

The way I see it.....Any Women can look Darn good in a photo with a lot of make-up, a good camera, good lighting and a Darn good photo program and brains enough to use it. 

But....If YOU can still look good and Pull it off with a Really Cheep Cheezy camera ,And bad lighting, and little or No makeup, and No photo tuch ups to Your body or Your face ...

NOW that's Really saying something....=-)


Warning...There are MEGA ALOT of photo's on this page.!.!.!

And Your browser may time out before all the photo's are loaded...If this happends just reload the page again. and they will load up for You.


Well... Only 1 of Little old Mona Lesa   7o+ Photo's of little Old Me


Are Vary Vary Rare



Of Them Here Are ALMOST





Well it's True

This is My Vary first Time EVER Putting up ANY Photo's of Me Out In Cyber Space

Iv Been a Mystery To Alot of Peaple out in Cyber Space for many years

Some people out In good old Cyber Space known me for over Ten Years and never got A Peek at little old me

Iv Been Inline since *1998*




But You See....


(*(I Wanted Guys To Respect Me For My Mind)*)

If You believe that one I have 50 miles of Mars I'd Like to Sell You...I'll give YOU a real good deal this week.


(*( I'm Vary Shy)*)

If You believe e that one make it 100 miles of mars...half price


(*(And I look like Jail Bait)*)

Bingo..We have a Winer !



Ok.....No more Bla bla Bla....Lets go to the Photo's

They should be all loaded by now even if your a speed reader and like to read little tyoe..Boo..See I inform You I was crafty...;-)







Please look close to both photo's below...



The more You look the more You see...=-)





The Mona Lisa Shots...



Mona Lisa.bmp (1572930 bytes)     Picture 83.jpg (37229 bytes)

Mona Lisa

Diamond*Daina Lesa

I just thought of that name. just now...Hmmm...It That has a nice ring to it...=-)

Please look at the photo's before scrolling down..I do not want what I say down below to convince You of what Your seeing or Not seeing in the photo's






What it sorta looks like to Me is a set of before and after shots of Mona Lisa after she had a Total make over and is now living in the 2000's



I didn't do My hair or My Eye s like she has on in the painting .

I didn't want to trick Your eyes into seeing more then what's here now. 

As You can Clearly See ..We do look vary much alike...I know....go figure...did You take Your time and look hard at both of us..It's vary scary in many ways how close we look the same

Hmmm...but not totaly....As I see it we have the same size and shape head right down to the forhead shape and eye and nose location but it looks like her hair line goes back just a tad more then mine.If You ever saw the full paining with her bustline exposed it even looks like we have the same size bust line also.

Are noses are vary much alike, but mine looks to be a tad smaller and both are cheek bones are in the same place,shape and size and the same amount of skin fat.And also we have the same neck line size and hight, and the same sholder size whith wise.

She seems to have thiner lips then I do

And her eyes are brown while mine are blue

And she has brown hair and I have Blond hair

If I Really wanted to with a brown hair colorent and brown shaded contacts, I can have the same look also if I wish...No big deal there by the way these days.

Her jaw bone looks a tad more pointy,But not by much

And she seems to have lower eye lid baggy eyes more the me ..

But that's not always a good look anyway..Maybe that's why she has that half asleep look to her...?..?

Maybe She spent the night parting and romping around to all hours into the night before the sitting for the painting at Lenardo's studeo the next day.

(Again like she always did when she was that age)

And then came in realy late for the sitting of the painting in the morning and that's why her hair is still a little wet and vary little make-up on and she's thinking of the night before romping around in bed and that's why she has the cheeky little smile on her face.

Lenardo already had the first days work done and there where a few more sittings left to be done on the painting. She got stuck with what Leanado seen for the first day sitting and that is how Mona Lisa got her Smile.

Ether that Leanado told her a silly little dirty joke and it tickeled her to no end all day long ...Well...That's posable too...After All Lenado was a ladys man..=-)

You don't smile all that time like that if he Wasn't likeable and easy to look at...=-)

Hmm...Or maybe she was undressing him in her mind...?

We will Never know will we...(*(Wink)*)

and here is a funny fact of His Real Life Story.....

He Never Sold that little old painting of Good old Mona; and kept it with him for years and years....

Now Folks....Lets get  Real

You Can't tell me something Didn't Happen

We will Never know will we...(*(Wink)*)


The only thing I'll give Mona Lisa is this....She has longer hair then Me

(*(No big deal there by the way)*)

I Like My hair Short and sassy this way...=-)

You can do a LOt more hair stiyling with shorter hair.

Short hair talks Good....Long Hair Walks good...I always Say.....=-)

The other MAIN thing I will give Mona Lisa is this...She was Smart enough to Pick good old Leanado to paint her and got well known becase of that...that's it !

But ....I got some things going on for Me That she Don't ..

I'm young and vary much alive and kicking...

And I have eye brows ...oh..And who can ever forget those killer lips...

And Drop Dead Blue Eyes

 And white sandy beach blond hair

And boat loads of Diamonds* in Me ears....


That's just a few things You can tell us apart folks...=-)


All I have to say is this.....Mona Lesa....Eat Your heart out...


Picture 47.jpg (144876 bytes)

I'm a Blond Haired,Blue Eyed U.S.A Born Dutch Girl...=-)

Hmmm....Now...Just think what Good Old Lenardo could have painted with this to work with insted of good old Mona Lesa.



Well...I want to Thank You for Your time in checking out how alike We seem to be...

NOW You know where to find

The Real Dutch Mona Lesa

Daina Dawn Vantill

Hey...That's Me....=-)


Ooooh ....And I'd be dumb as a box of rock if I don't use....

Dimond* Daina Lesa  

From time to time also, from now on way out in cyber space ....=-)

But...I already go by the names

Daina Diamond*

And my old old nickname

Daina Fencewalker

In My Chating Days

In Any And  ALL Cyber Space Chat rooms and ALL Chat Programs if I'm ever on them.


  Dee Dee Aw Or Dee Dee Fw



Active Worlds

or Other 3D style Chat Programs

Iv been there a looooong loooooong time

And Look For Little Old Me on ICQ

Under New Nubers in ICQ


For Active Worlds Chats


Daina Diamond

For Reguler Chats

I Have A Older Web Site if you wish to know a little more about me

It's Here


I'd love to tell You more about it in a chat for sometime later if You like...

But ...

This Is a photo gallery and not a Big Big info, bio or a bla bla bla blog page..So...I'll say no more And let You scroll down to see more Cheezy photos of me if You wish..=-)

I only put that info in to make sure EVERYBODY knows My names that I go By out in Good Old Cyber Space

And Maybe this way I Don't get mixed up with sombody Else out there...=-)

You Now know Who Your writhing to, or Mesaging and chats to ME.

Now Don't You wish EVRYBODY did that out In Cyber Space...=-)

I mean Hafe to time You Don't Really know who Your REALLY talking to out Cyber Space these Days.

Which is a sad Life to copy Others I.D I Feel

I want to thank You in spending the time in looking at the two photo's and if You wish to stay and look at more photo's of Little old Me that's fine and dandy...=-)

Or You can leave now and poof out into Cyber Space in another direction...It's up to You...I don't mind....=-)





Sorry No back butten here

I just don't know where You came from...?

Really... I do But I'm Not Telling








Oh....I see You want some more Cheeze....Good ...Good...I like You...

My New Found friend...=-)



I was holding My breath down here wating for You...=-I



Hold on a sec....Let me catch my breath...

Okay ..Lets go then..They go pritty fast now that all the Mona Lisa bla bla is done and over with


Oh..I almost forgot...


umm....I will warn You Now ...It's really hard to keep a women from telling You how she feels, so I wrote some side notes to some of the photo's


Hey....I's My Really Cheezy Web Site and I can do what ever I want...Na na na





Okay lets go see what's in the Really Cheeze Gallery together My New Found Friend....=-)







(*( Really Cheeze Gallery Of Fame )*)






Onother close up shot (low lighing)

Picture 184.jpg (507446 bytes)

Got milk..?


Oh...If You see white spote on any of the photo's I have here....

Well ...

It's the Diamonds* in Me ears that's doing it folks...(*(Sorry)*)


The efect of the diamonds on this Cheese Camera also put white spots around My lips as well in this shot just above us right now which made me think of the

Got Milk Advertisement

So it wasn't a wash out throw away shot after all...=-)

oh I could have fixed Me up just fine and dandy and You wouldn't know any flaws to my faceor or body on any AND all of these photo's here ..But

Remember...these are RAW untuched up body and head shots.

I will come clean and admit I did do some back ground hiding of things in the photo's I didn't want in there....But I left My body and My face alone..!.!.!

Now...Don't You Just wish EVERYBODY out in Cyber Space would do that..=-)




The Girl Next Door shot

Picture 126.jpg (240370 bytes)

I Like Cheeze



Another Girl Next Door Shot

Picture 123.jpg (237687 bytes)

You gota Love that Cheeze


Mona Lisa Didn't have three sets of diamonds* in Her ears and look this good...=-)



Girl next door On the bed shot

Picture 155.jpg (84788 bytes)

Or look this good



Another Girl Next Door on the bed shot

Picture 152.jpg (273145 bytes)

Can You hear me NOW...?



Girl Next Door on the bed shot Laying down shot

Picture 127.jpg (61045 bytes)

Dressed in just Cheep shorts and cheep top but still look like $1,000,000





Girl Next Door on the bed shot Laying down shot

Picture 187.jpg (171420 bytes)

Heres looking at You..=-)


Another Girl Next Door Model Pose shot 1

Picture 132.jpg (62240 bytes)

Heres looking a the Main Tv


Another Girl Next Door Model Pose shot 2

Picture 133.jpg (62271 bytes)

Heres looking Looking at little spider I'm about to Kill


Another Girl Next Door Model Pose shot 3

Picture 135.jpg (61621 bytes)

Most women just hate the side shots photo's but I'm being Brave on this cheezy gallery so the side shots just had to be added...=-)


Girl Next Door Close Up Side Shot

Picture 175.jpg (169736 bytes)

Yep....I still look good from the side if I say so myself

If that face don't screem Barbie Doll Look to You I don't know what dose..?

And did You notic I didn't even clean up the little red eye efect in this photo.

Ummm kick that up to a $2,000,000 Look even with the red eye efect

Okay.. Okay... I'll knock off a $1.50 to take out the red eye




The laying down Toothy smile shot

Picture 183.jpg (255676 bytes)

I can here the birds calling me for a jog on the joging bath now

This photo aproved be Niki



The laying down Toothy smile close up shot

175b.jpg (116581 bytes)

Close up Toothy smile shot


Bling* Bling*

This close up photo aproved be Niki


Oh....In the two photo's I was Not trying for a Cheeky cheezy pose

I was trying to keep the light from hittng the diamonds* in Me ears so no white spots would apear.



Okay...Okay....I know..I Know...These tops that I have on now are not working..



Time For Some

Blue Spandex





The pouty Look shot.

Picture 31.jpg (200879 bytes)

I'm mad at the Camera

Here is why...I can put four more sets of diamonds* in Me ears for a total of seven per side and as like most peaple in this world ,7 and 14 are some of my lucky numbers ,But I didn't want to blind the damn QuickCam any more then what's going on now with even more fricking white spots all over the photo's ..=-P


The laying down relaxed looking the other way shot

Picture 62.jpg (197148 bytes)

I'm just watching MTV 2 while the bath is filling....



The laying down smile shot

Picture 88.jpg (48590 bytes)

Gota Love That Dutch Mona Lisa Smile


The laying down relaxed looking At You

Picture 65.jpg (75919 bytes)

I'm Looking at (*(YOU)*)


laydown shot with the Lights on

Picture 65.jpg (141648 bytes)

Just Relaxing Looking at You

ooops sorry...Just Chilling


laydown shot with the Lights on

Picture 80.jpg (195202 bytes)

The pouty look..I lost the spider


laydown shot with the Lights off

Picture 32.jpg (49387 bytes)

looking real Series after not getting the FRICKEN spider



laydown shot with the Lights off

Picture 285.jpg (50876 bytes)

The thinker



laydown shot with the Lights off...

Picture 288.jpg (50880 bytes)

Just Chilling looking at You


laydown shot with the Lights off...

Picture 315.jpg (51323 bytes)

Another nice Dutch Mona Lisas Smile shot


laydown side shot with the Lights off.

Picture 291.jpg (50092 bytes)

Leanrdo would have just Loved paiting me



laydown shot with the Lights off...

Picture 298.jpg (50073 bytes)

Another pouty shot ..the spider is really bugging me



laydown shot with the Lights off...

Picture 309.jpg (50054 bytes)

Normal look..But...that bug is on my mind


laydown shot with the Lights off...

Picture 289.jpg (199924 bytes)

Another Normal look...But...still thinking of the bug!!



laydown shot with the Lights off...

Picture 190.jpg (162031 bytes)

Another nice little Dutch Mona Lisa Smile

I got the Fricken spider..=-)



The Catty Look laydown shot with the Lights off...

Picture 176.jpg (220812 bytes)

Why Can't I have more diamonds* Daddy Big Bucks..

I'v been a really good girl for a few days Hmmm...?



The House and the towns around Us are still standing...

I Didn't put any black holes into Cyber Space...

or In Active Worlds just yet...The Good Lord knows Iv been trying....

And it's not my Falt the Active World Mappers not working yet again...this time around a least...Not my Falt...

The computers Still up and Running...

No Police stopped by lately...

Or the F.B.I...The C.I.A or the Army...

The sun is still up in the air...

And we still have the moon...

We still have running water and electric...


See.....Iv been a really good girl...Pretty Please...=-)



The Laying Down Smiling happy shot.

Picture 36.jpg (197094 bytes)

I knew I get my way...=-)



The seductive laying down shot

Picture 64.jpg (201045 bytes)

I'm lissing to every word you saying




Yet another seductive laying down shot With The Lights off

 Picture 175.jpg (169736 bytes)

Why don't You come up and see Me sometime....Big Boy


Okay..Okay..HOLD EVERY THING ...Now I'm feeling like a vary dirty girl...I got to break this off before somebody gets out of hand and this web site has to placed in the XXX Rating And that's a place I'm NOT going for... I'm going cool off a bit....Time for My bath anyway ....

And NO there is No bath shots...(*(Sorry)*)


The good news is, I'm not going to make you wait for Me...

You can scroll down a little and see what happends next ...=-)



The standing Shot

Picture 64.jpg (208327 bytes)

Back from the bath and Time to make the bed and I'm feeling brave with my hair a little wet...

Here are some no make-up shots....But I have to say I still look hot and on fire....Umm....Well maybe just the red thing I have on does...





Another lay down shot

Picture 184.jpg (507446 bytes)

Ekkk......Is She Nuts..!!!  Simi wet hair not even brushed out yet ...No make-up and bad lighting and a Cheezy camera and where are My Diamonds in Me ears...?

And still ...I don't look that half bad...


Okay...Now I know how Mona Lisa sorta felt....way back when....=-P

To be honist ..I didn't want to look too trampy for this first Gallery and get you guys all hot and bothered to no end .

So I didn't put on any make-up after My bubble bath, and I just threw this little red thing on real quick to take this shot ...Hmmm..Maybe the next photo gallery I'll get more brave and do a shot or two to make up for this.

Sound like a deal...?

What Your seeing is base line real Me and Any more shots like that can only get better and better....=-)

Think of it as a before and after thing or something like a Diamond* in the rough look that I'm going for here in this Gallery

And You will just have to come to see more photo gallerys of Me next time ...

I'm So So Sorry....

Oh...I'm such a littlev tease...Hee hee hee




The No make-up Close Up shots


I don't know why the diamonds Didn't mess up these shot..?

Maybe becase I'm not smileing in most of them..?..?...?



The No make-up close up shot

Picture 145.jpg (179255 bytes)

Oh Good gosh I look like a little girl. here..!.!.!

All I have to say here is..

Mommy I need a Dink of water !


Daddy I'm scared of the dark !!!!!!

And it's almost belevable .!.!

Hey...I told You I'm brave...Oh YOU don't think so..hmm...well...Just ask another women to do what I'm doing here on this Cheezy web site with a cheezy camera and bad lighting and no make-up and not even eye liner on me for all the world to see out in cyber space all for No Money Mind You.

Then copy every pose and Every picture shot for shot that I put on here for all the world to see.

And it would take You a Fricken life time to find that one in a 1,000,000 to come forword and Say..


Sure I'll do it...

Sounds like fun...=-)



Hmmm..Come to think of it....Maybe Two Life Times

Or Three


15,000.000 to 1




The No make-up close up shot

Picture 144.jpg (41479 bytes)

JusT to show You the Last one was not a freaky shot


okay here 11 to 12 years old Tops maybe even younger...?




The No make-up close up shot

Picture 161.jpg (41965 bytes)

I Can do this all day

how Old this time...11 to 15maybe..?..?..?




The No make-up close up shot

Picture 153.jpg (42328 bytes)

Yeppers ....all.......... day.........loooooong





No Make Up Pixie Close Up shot

Picture 226.jpg (184346 bytes)

All I need are My wings


ok I look 14 to what  16 or 16 to 18 something years old or 20 something years old here

I need hep here..I'm bad at guessing my age with these photo's..=-P





No Make Up Pixie Long shot

Picture 165.jpg (43758 bytes)

I'm Vary Sad Because My wings Are In the cleaners ...

And I'm all out of Fairy dust, and it's a mail order nightmare right now..

And Then the Gay peaple took are name over...

And nobody believes in Us Anymore....

You Know what...It REALY SUCKS Being a Fairy these days..*sigh*


what...No More then 16 to 20 years old I guess



Yet another close up shot lay down shot

Picture 211.jpg (179566 bytes)

Okay this looks like it could be a sweet 16 shot but I'm not sure..?

but I'm not to sure with the arm in the way..?




Still Yet another close up shot lay down shot

Picture 209.jpg (42866 bytes)

Okay this looks like a sweet 16 shot for sure




Yet another close up shot other side of My face

Picture 224.jpg (182009 bytes)

I thought My other side of My face maybe looked older

Nope still look Like in my sweet 16 teens or ...20 something TOPs..?




Yet another close up shot faceing forword at You to look older

Picture 220.jpg (186894 bytes)

then facing forword and Nope still look Like in my teens or ealy 20 something TOPs..?





Still Another Lay Down Shot With No make-up

Picture 132.jpg (250223 bytes)

I thought if I pulled the Camra back and layed down maybe Id look older

Ummm....Nope..That didn't work Ether





Yet another of those lay down shot with no make-up

Picture 224.jpg (46147 bytes)

I thought if layed down maybe and look like I'm standing on My head and gravity would take over and I can get out of my teens look and Id look older

Nope..That didn't work ether...=-P




Siting Down on the Bed with No Make-up Shot

Picture 129.jpg (60700 bytes)

Then I thought if I pulled the Camra back even more and sat down maybe Id look older

Well..... That Fricken idea Didn't work ether...=-P


(*(OKay...OKay...I GIVE UP..!!!)*)






Little Girl Cought Red Handed Shot

Picture 165.jpg (43775 bytes)

I didn't do it mommy..I Sware

The kitty was already bald and up the tree when I found her.



Ummm...You may think I just made that line up...but...No...That really did happen ..

But...In My Own defence the cat looked vary hot with all that hair on her that day...

And....Nobody Ever EVER EVER told me You Don't shave cats..=-P


oh...A Little footnote to that shot....If Your wondering where My bust line is in that shot..?

I pushed the bra I had on as low as it can go with out herting the "girls" to much and that's why I'm not smiling...Och


Hey..It Pains me to be honist..=-P



But in the next set photo's You will see I'm not a little girl no longer..=-)



The Glamer Girl Shot

Picture 184.jpg (95369 bytes)

Bling*   Bling*   Bling*



But next time in the Other Gallerys it's going to be


Bling*   Bling*   Bling*  Bling*   Bling*   Bling*  Bling*


Bling*   Bling*   Bling*  Bling*   Bling*   Bling*  Bling*


If I have anything to do with it with this cheezy quikcam






Damn...I broke A nail....Grrrrr






Your Day Is almost at a End QUIKCAM..!!


Now in My next Gallery You just MAY see Me Busting The Bloody Hell Out Of This Fricking Cheep Cheezy Camera ! ! !

Don't Buy One



The pouty shot

Picture 171.jpg (46787 bytes)

I broke A nail



But I Got a neat painting out of the deal

32b.jpg (53293 bytes)

oh NOW THE FRICKEN Camera wants to work good...!!!!

hey....I'm  A Artist...I call them, like I see them....what can I say




Ever Feel like this sometime while your out in Cyber Space

or working on something on the Computer..?

302.jpg (61441 bytes)

Me nether..


Most of the time I'm like this out in Cyber Space

Picture 203.jpg (130799 bytes)

wondering why oh why I'm   on another Zzzz Zzzzz  Zzzzz web site




oh I'm a Fricken boob of a Artist.....

118b.jpg (55196 bytes)

My Thoughts Exatly



296.jpg (60398 bytes)

That has no class or style



Nope Not on Bit of Class

255b.jpg (50133 bytes)

oh poor old me


Enought with the painting lets got back to photo's



The little pixie smile shot

Picture 172.jpg (46983 bytes)

Isn't she just adorable ..Hey Lucy I'm home...



The close up little smile shot

Picture 177.jpg (45292 bytes)

Gosh...I look like the mom on that old Braddy bunch Tv show in this shot

Well...When she was lot younger and before she had those three braty girls



Oh ...Wow it looks like I broke out of the teen look finally and got into the early 20's Hey...It took me countless shots and almost all day to get get this far...give me a break..=-P


The Movie Star Shot

Ahhh....look at those big blue dream boat eye's



Messed up hair hot

Picture 164.jpg (637010 bytes)

And Still looking adorable


The Barbie Doll shot

The Older model Barbie...Not the new one

The older one is clasic

The new one is cheep ugly plastic






Well enough all ready on head shot for a while...




lets pull back the camera and go for more body shots..=-)




But I'm warning You...Now guys....It's no make-up yet again





Now Be ready to go   YIKES....YIKES......YIKES....YIKES






The Laying Down Cuddling Shot

Picture 124.jpg (60542 bytes)

Hi Snucums..Do You want to lay by me..?..?


Well ..Ummm ...Sorry for the little tease Guys...


Now it may look like a cuddling shot...but ...This is one of My Fav computer Poissons working at My computer.

You see this room that I'm in now is Not My main bed room.

It's My Day room, and this bed room is set up like My big walk in closet ,And My Main computers are in this room and My own simi pro sound and recording system with a few hand-me-down Tvs thrown in to keep me happy. I have the computer key boards and the mice on the other side of the queen size bed that's in here . I find this a far far more relaxing and far better way then sitting in a chair banging on the key board and wacthing My hinny getting fat on the sides and a flat on the behined and My back hurting like Crasy.!.!

That all stopped happening when I came up with this idea...Try it..It works darn good if You have the room....=-)

There are Two simi new and simi fast IBM's and A older Mac that are loaded with ALL My Toys, toys, Toys more toys...Well...With a few deep pocket work programs just to tie me over with out tapping onto tha mains down stairs ..The ones down stairs are My boy friend Dave's newer Computers and they are the heavy boring work horses and gamers of the house.

I do not play that many games or run those mega work programs he needs for his job, so I got the hand-Me-downs, which is Okay by me..=-)

Even though I'm vary Vary good with computers and can do many many things with them that would just scare the dickens out of You ..(*(WINK)*)

My friends in life Don't Even let Me Go Near , or Play with there computers anymore They seem to know better by now.

I just love seeing peaple go into mild hart Attacks

And then pulling them out of it a sec or so later


So In short I Live In A Vary Big House In A Gated Community Some Place In Indaina And I'm vare savvy with computers and such...=-)

Now You Guys Just May get the idea that I will turn on the camera in on-line chats or maybe sing a few songs and dance around ...Sorry..No.....Please Don't ask...It's No dice..!.!...I only use this camers for projects like this.

Other then that it's unpluged and in Dave ,My boyfreinds computer room locked up in his safe

It's a good safe this time around...

The last one I cracked in less then two days...Hee Hee Hee

And he can't even use it ether becase I hide one of the main camera parts.


That's Are Agrement


Where both sticking to it..!!


I Works for Us


It's a Dead Subject...


Don't ask Or Beg...


End of story there....So Sorry


And as far a Mic to chat

Well   Again deal...So Sorry


Now a few words about the mic

Dave is not incline to have Me With a mic out In cyber space ether any more due to My voice

IT seems that I can make guys have Umm...lets just say..Little mis haps in there pants with just a few soft words from Me in there ear...

I Don't really blame Dave though..I Really Can't be trusted

I had a mic before and I was ..Ummm...A Vary BAD Girl With It

Agian sorry about your Paints guys out in Cyber Space

I will not do it anymore..I Promise




Lets move on...shale we...=-)


Now for the chest stuck out shot

Picture 118.jpg (256474 bytes)

Damn.!!..I cut off My OWN head cleen off....And what was I thinking...Way way Way to Much...In the pink going on...=-P

And a tad to cheeky for me...(*(Blush)*)

To be honist....Pink is Not My favorite color

But I do love the song...=-)


okay..lets try this Yet again folks....



Now for the chest stuck out shot second time around shot

Picture 259.jpg (258563 bytes)


There...That's more like it...Blue's My fav in colors..well ...Next to purple along with a rich gold...all are My favorites

They ALL mix well together...Don't You think....=-)

And Then You Get To Pink...


The knelling on the bed side shot

Picture 259.jpg (258563 bytes)

Side Shot...Not what you expected is it.=-)

If that don't screem Dutch girl look I don't know what does..?

I was going to put "Little Dutch" girl in there but I look like I"m 9 feet tall in this photo..=-P



The knelling on the bed Frount Shot

Picture 255.jpg (254502 bytes)

Footnote to self...get more lighting ..!..!

I look like I just got slapped...=-/

My sholder are way up due to the chest out thing I got going on...

I know...not vary lady like but You get the idea why I'm doing it Guys...

Ummm....Guys...Guys...Look At ME in the Face....You Did notice I had sholders and a head I hope..




As I played with this funky Cheezy QuickCam thingy and got more brave I did some off the wall wacky photo's

Normaly people toss out this kinds of photos that Your going to see next,but I thought they had something to say before they go in the trash


like this


Blinded by the spot lights shot...

Picture 78.jpg (34257 bytes)

Really it's the sun, But it sounted cheezer that way and as You can see....I'm brave....Blinding bright light and Still looking flawless and good ..Thank You. vary much...Iv noticed that older women love dark bars and dark places to hide there wrinkles and flaws. And they hate bright light like vampires or something...Well....I'm not scard of the light....bring it on. bring it ALL on..!.!


And this..



Mega Blinded by the spot lights shot

Picture 60.jpg (100262 bytes)

BAM....okay....Okay....maybe this is a tad to much light I think ...

hmm...Even Modona can hide her wrinkles in this light...=-P


And this...



Picture 76.jpg (143314 bytes)

Boo...I'm The ghosts of all Your Past girl friends....





Here are some more Cheezy close up shots...


Going out and about is As Easy as 123

The normal look shots

Picture 54.jpg (53669 bytes)

This is My every day look with just eye liner nothing else


And then....


Picture 250.jpg (44365 bytes)

But...I really do't need much make-up blush and a little eye liner...

I just put a Cheecky smile on my face


Picture 146.jpg (144756 bytes)

And then I brush My hair and the Magic starts to happen..a little lipstick and I'm good to go..=-)

If I wish to go fancy...

Give a sec to really jaz My eye lids Up...

And I'm Ready to go Dancing..=-)



Basking in the light shot

Picture 84.jpg (50080 bytes)

It was a kinda neet shot so I threw it in...oh..And I'm still trying to look older


Next is a seven photo Close ups set


photo 1

Picture 211.jpg (179588 bytes)



Photo 2

Picture 222.jpg (225176 bytes)



Photo 3

Picture 213.jpg (41331 bytes)



Photo 4

Picture 214.jpg (43428 bytes)


Photo 5

Picture 217.jpg (41589 bytes)




Photo 6

Picture 215.jpg (175722 bytes)


Photo 7

Picture 225.jpg (164919 bytes)

I Think ALL those girls up there are FRICKEN NUTS

I'm the good looking one of the bunch







Looking Into The Eye's Of Evel Shot

Picture 252.jpg (179276 bytes)


This My look like a cutie pie look.but trust me, It's Not...


For The peaple who know me in real life know better when they see this look...

They start Locking there doors ..

Running for the hills ..

And start hiding there Dogs ,Cats ,Cows and Chickens

She's scheming someting and it's NOT going to be good for Man or Beast.!




The Big Cheezy Smile shot

Picture 134.jpg (139480 bytes)

It just Can't get much cheezer then this...or...can it...?

We will just have to see together in the next gallerys together....=-)



A BIg Close Up Cheezy Smile shot

Picture 147.jpg (244848 bytes)

You gota love that ...Chunky.....Chunky...Cheeze




Now....If that didn't brighen your day...Nothing else will



Well...Maybe This next one will....=-)





The MAD TV Shot

Picture 131.jpg (238509 bytes)


Hello.?..?.....Yes.?..?...............I Don't Know..? ..?



*BEEP*       *BEEP*    *BEEP*


Hold On..

NEWS FLASH coming in right now...


Attention Please....If You See This. Unidentified Women ...Do Not, Go Near Her....She's Is Trouble...Trouble...Trouble

If You See This Women Please Inform The F.B.I, The C.I.A, And, O.S.H.A

We have In Comming Live Reports, That Some Parts of The U.S And, Cuben Navy are looking For This Women As We Speek...

Oh.. Hold; On A Second; Some More News Is Comming In...


Iv; Just been Informed; In My Left, Ear Plug Right Now That Dr Snipps, A Simi Medical Drug Dealer In Yonkers New York Is Also Really Looking for Her As well.

It; Has Been Reported By The New York Times That He Has Said He Wants His Two Sets Of False Legs Back, That This Women Took From His Store When He Was Not Looking Around at the time of 9:45 That's About 3 1/2 Days Ago.

And In Another Part Of This On Going Story...

The Two Migit Brothers Named, Bob and Tod Peterdoodle, From French Lick Indiana, Are Still Missing And last sited by The Main Big Feather Honcho of Hair Gong Now Bald Indian, Tribe Member local 69 Cheften Named, Half Nutmeg Feather In that area of the Siteing of what he called Little bear People wandering around Going Bald Bever Creek in South West Canada by the boader of some other Country not not named in this Report.

The Forrist Gump Of A Reporter did Say that The Two little Bear People Where last Seen, wondered around and around, And Got Lost Chasing A Dream feather.

A Side Note To This Story is that are Canada Forrist Gump of a Reporter, Cant not comfier if the two migits where REALLY Bare At the Time Of The Siting One Week Ago, And Last Reported By Two One Eyed Witnesses From A Eye Rehab Center Outing Trip With There Seeing Eye dog Named Farsight. 

They Having Come Forword And Reported That They Seen This Women And The Two Migit Brothers Together Just 2 Days Ago In The Yankers Area With A Lot Of Big Boxes In the middle back, and off to one side, and in the Back Of What Looked To Be A Older or Newer Model Blue, or green, or grey Ford, or Chevy, or Ram, Pick-up Truck, With What Looked To Them As A Big Boxy White looking Trailer Thing, or Something Tethered in back Of It at the time As they Stated To Are Feild Reporter, While They Where In The Area While They Where All Out Standing In His Feild At The Time.

Which Was Good Thing For are Feild Reporter Since He Was Going To be out Standing In Anther Feild At that time. 

  The Seeing Eye Dog Named; Farsight, Didnt Speek "A" Word To Are Feild Reporter On What He Saw At the Time.

One of the half Sisters of The Peterdoodles has Stated On ABC 9:00 News Yesterday That All They Want Is There Little Munchkins Back Safe And Sound And Please Come Home As Soon As Posable....SOB....We Miss The Little, Doodles SOB...Sob....sob...

We; Now Know From Other Reports That 124 Cases of Pop Rocks Candy along a Vary Large Unknown Amount of Cases of Fizz Soda And Jolt Pop along with 3 Cans Of Orange Crush Soda Was also Reported Missing From a Simi Tractor Trailer Truck Storage Farm Also knowen as FLoyd Pinkers Truck Stop, For Way Word Trucks Just Out Side Of Yonkers The Vary Same day.

The; Last known Sighting Of These Three People Was In The Key West Area Where A 60 Foot Speedy Sponge Boat Was Reported Stolen Just 4 Hours Ago With All Three People On Board Heading South Out To Sea !

A Side Note, To This On going Story Is That The Truck That Was Abanden At The Dock That Was Later Found On By The Dock Side Of The Moon Bay Fish Packing Plant And Turned Out To Be A Red Toyota King Cab With A Orange Trailer And Was Empty At The Time Of It Being Found.

If You Ask Me Somebody Should Get There eye Checked Out of that One Eye Center In Yanker as soon as posable ?

Both; The U.S, And The Cuben Navy Are looking For Them As I SpeekTo Farsite on the phone Right now as I Try to Speek and ask Questons on what he really knows what happen in yankers 2 days ago and He Ask To Pled The Filth Of Ruf; Rules 101 paragaph 3 bla bla bla yada yada yada and sweres it's in the Book of Ruff Life As A; Dog, and hung up I have to say on the phone with Farsite The See eye dog he spoke Real Clear And I Can See He's A Vary Sharp Pointer Retriever and I'm quite Impresed he Didnt say ONE "A" Word in Are Interview But Bla Bla Bla and Yada Yada Yada

That's A First for Me As A News Repoter in 30 years as A...

*Beep a*

Oh hold On There Are More Updates Are Coming In My Left Ear Plug Right  Now On This Late Braking Story....

yes..yes...yes..........................Really !

Iv; Just Been Informed, That There Are Reports, Out and About Way Way Out At Sea Coming In My Left Ear Right Now About A Vary Large Cuben Navy Boat Has Been Sited PUT pUTING Vary Close To The Stolen Speedy, Sponge Boat At One Time And Has Now Been Seen About To Over Take And Board The Stolen Speedy Sponge Boat...

Hold On..more News...Yes Yes .................Yes......Oh No  !

But the Large Cuben Navy Boat Has Now Been Seen Sinking And Fizzling In The Water With The Stolen Speedy Sponge Boat Speeding Away as I speek to To My Travel Agent About Not Going To The keys This Week End and switching my travel plans to French Lick Really sounds like it Might Be Good For Me And that place might be a lot more fun then A Fizzling Bad Time in the Keys....


Hold On..More late Breaking News Coming In Both Ears Now !

Yes; Yes !.........Yes;......................................................Oh; No ! !


Iv Just Been Informed That The Where About's Of All Three People And The Stolen Speedy Sponge Boat Speeding Away Are Still Unknown At This Time Since Are One And Only Sea Reporter Out At Sea Right Now Also Took Mighty Massive Fizz Hits From The Stolen Speedy Spunge Boat, And Was Jolted To One Side And Then A Massive Mighty Pop Noise Went Off, And That Blew A Mighty Masive Wopping Big Hole In The Boat, which Cushed The Orange Crate That Are Sea Repoter Was out standing On At The Time by the bow of the Vary New And Improved Air to Boat Remote Contal Repoter boat named Snoopy Sails To Get A Better View At The Two boats Coming Togeter A Few Minites Ago.

And Is Also NOW Sinking and Fizzling In The Water as I speek.!

The Last Thing I heard, In My Ears Was The Sound Of The Sea...

And A Small Blub Blub Fizz Fizz, Sound...

And Then..... Oh Crap!

Please Do Not Worry About Are Sea Reporter, Due The Fact That He Does Have A Life Boat On Hand and Are Air Reporter Is In the area in one of are New Air to Land Remote Control Sea Plane's Named Snoopy the Red Baren And Will Be Picking Him up Shotly.

Which, is a VARY Big Relief To Me by the way.  


We Will Put Up Yet Another Photo That We Have of This On Identified Women threw under cover Operations done by O.S.H.A at that time.

 Picture 181.jpg (107475 bytes)


This Unidentified Women Is Often Heard Saying,I'm Quoting Here:

Hello, Yes, No and, I Don't Know?

All The Time

Again..This lady Is TROUBLE !

Stay Far Far Way From Her if ALL Possible ! 

Again....If You See This Women Please Inform The F.B.I, The C.I.A And O.S.H.A And Now The U.S. Navy Or You Can Put A Message In A bottle And Toss It Out To Sea To Cuba.

Oh..And Also Inform That One Guy In Yonkers,Dr Snipps So He Can, Try And Get His Legs Back On Dry land Yet Again.

Full report at 9:00 News

We Bring You Back To The Really Cheesy Program You Where Watching At This Time

That Is All



Copyright 2006 Daina Dawn Vantill All Rights Reserved.

Oh Wow....Im sorry about that interuption Guys....

All I gota say is I hope they catch that Nut Ball...Yikes..!..!..!


I'm glad I'm Not Her...!!!





Hmmm....But I do wonder where she's going.?.?..?


Well .. It sounds like to Me that she's going to take on Cuba All by Herself..!!

Well ..

With a vary small Army of Peterdoodles

With detachable legs


Hmmm...And I Just wonder if good old Bob was driving the Speedy Spunge boat...?.?


I Guess Well Never know..?

Will we





Well....From a Nut ball to a Hair ball...





Lets move on to something more Catty




Shale we...





The Cat Women Shot 1

Picture 74.jpg (150515 bytes)







The Cat Women Shot 2

  Picture 65.jpg (141648 bytes)


Is that a big hair ball in Your pocket ..? Or are You just that happy to see me...?




Oh that One was to Sleasy....

Hee Hee Hee






Side note time yet agian folks

It was a shadow efect from the sun hitting the blinds and it looks sorta neet

The nice thing for Me was that I didn't have to do a lick of make-up efect work which really tickeled Me to no end..Oh...My boyfriend Dave thinks I remind him of that Blond cyber chick from the movie Blade Runner even before he saw this photo .

And he even has says I ack like her also....

I think He's fricking Nuts.!.!..I just Don't see it...Well...Maybe looks wise but that's it..!



Hmmmm...But on the other hand that is My Vary Vary Vary mild ..

(*( You better NOT get in My way or somebody's going to die)*)

look in the Cat women Photo 2

The red eyes that You may notice where from the blinding sun glare I had to deal with that day.

You More then likely notice that on some of the photo's already that I had blood shot eyes in on or two of them in this Gallery

And I was VARY pissed Off Mad when I noticed it was on the photo's and thought it was a waste of My fricking time doing photo's that day..and Alot of Vary good shots had to be dumped due to much blood shot eyes.

So for a fact I was VARY Pissed Off Mad At The Fricking Sun at the time, and I just Wanted so bad to blow it up Right Then And There ....So....It's only lucky it's still there due to I really had no viable means on hand to really putting out the sun at the time that really Stopped Me from making it happen....Go figure Me out..Please..!!


Pissed Off At The Sun Shot

Picture 44.jpg (155740 bytes)

This Is My Code Red Every Body Duck And CoverLook.!!!

I tell You....I was Really thinking Long and Hard On how To blow It Up..!.. !

And I feel it really shows in the Photo

You can almost see My mind whirling away the options, And the counter options Why Not To Blow It Up ALL at the same time...Notice ,I was not even squinting My eyes like I'm mad ...Just think of what that would look like...GRRRRRR

What really stopped me From Blowing Up the Sun on the good side of things, is that even if If I did do it, I couldn't show this Really Cheeze Web Site to You today My New Found Friend...=-)


So We All Win...=-)


That and I did NOT want to get Blamed for YET Another THING for a while since My last BIG capper...Umm..ever see A 80 galleon Water Heater blow Up...?..?...?

It make a vary big


Trust me on that one...=-P

But In My Defence...Again...Nobody told Me the water hearter couldn't do what I wanted it to do....

who ...know...?..?

Needless to say We got a Industrial water heater

which in my point of view should have been there in the first place



But Like Most times in life when it looks like I can't win, I walked it Off and took a break after the cat women Photo....


Other times I just brew on it untill I can win....And ...If it's not A straight shot Win in things....Oh Look Out World...That's when I think off the wall and Nutty out of the box

And EXTREMELY NUTTY things Seem to unfold to where I can walk away smiling again...=-)

The way I win is when the loser needs to check into the funny farm

Oh....It may take time ,but all in all ....I come out on TOP.!

I'm Like A Unsinkable Bobber Babe....=-)

The Sun won that day..Grrrrr

But I rebound and useed a some of the shots anyway..=-)

And got a good story out the deal

I Don't get pissed off to much these days...But I'm Warning folks Now...

Look out for Your behined if You do..Your hinny is Mine...

And I Don't let go easy...

Hmmm...Maybe My Boy friend Dave is Right all along...I Really Am that Wacky Blade Runner Cyber Chick After All...Well who Knew...It's the first time I ever saw Myself Really Pissed Off Mad in a photo You know...


It's been inlighting to Me as much as it is to You



Well...Enough about that part of Me...







For Something Completely Different






oh ...For You Guys out there ....




                                       I think I know what Your really looking for....





Here Are Some Good Really Cheezy Tease Shots





That Your snooping around for...









The Daina Diamond*

The Blade Runner Cyber Chick Tease Shot

Picture 88.jpg (225105 bytes)

Everybody Always Remembers the blond chick in that movie for some reason





The Classy Daina Diamond * Tease Shot

Picture 149.jpg (40296 bytes)

Well My New Found Friend...That's it..Me ...Simi Exposed to All the world to see now

Oh Joy....My Vary first cheezy Peep show photo Gallery...

Just What I Always Wanted



I hope You injoyed what You seeing here today and You like how I put this Really Cheezy Gallery together in a day or so.

Please tell Your friends about My Really Cheezy Little Old Web Site...

I'm Not doing this for love or romance or even dates for that matter, After all I do have a vary good boy friend that's Iv been together with for many years now and YES...Where both vary happy and in love with with each other

thank You vary much...=-)



I'm Doing All This To Put A



Your face ..=-)

And for

The Hits And The Kicks....=-)

And I will admit...

I really did injoy telling You the Mona Lisa story and the MAD TV skit I thought up as well..=-)

And also putting up this Really Cheezy little Web Site out in Cyber Space for little old Me to show off a tad.

And I hope Every photo I put in here for You to see today was  vary easy on Your eyes even with all the Cheep Cheezy quikcam photos with no tuch ups and no make up shots...=-)

It's been a while since Iv made another Web site..I have a few of them...=-)

hmm...Maybe next time I'll go after Modona in My next gallery ...I do sorta look like her also...=-)

Umm...You know I'm talking about when she was ALOT younger ...(*(WINK)*)




The Daina Diamond* Pin-up girl Tease Shot

Picture 213.jpg (163431 bytes)

signed by Daina Diamond* With Love






The Daina Diamond* Pink Baby Doll Tease Shot

Picture 36.jpg (214099 bytes)

Pink Baby Dolls Don't Need Make-Up...=-)






Daina Diamond*

Doing The Catty Modona Look Tease Shot

Picture 99.jpg (186648 bytes)

Oh Modona ...Start Eating You're heart out now girl friend ..Your next on My Gallery list ...And guess what..I can sing and dance also...=-) she's ever going to see this Cheezy Galley

But Still...You never know with her.?.?.?

She dose seem to get turned on to other women from time to time....

That I DON't go for..So Sorry Modana...I Don't push the handle both ways..=-P

Nope..Not for Me..and It's..Not My Style.


I Will Admit This


I'm a Sexy Tease ..Not a Kinky sleese



oh ...For You Guys out there...

oh ...

Yet another Daina Diamond* laydown Tease shot

BAM.... As that one cook on TV would say

Pritty in Pink as they say...

I noticed that this top is Oh so thin and see threw before hand..I'm glad I put on a bra this time around....!

And it's a vary good thing the Really skimpy pink shorts are a little thicker is all I gota say !

I didn't want another cheecky pose getting getting out




Yet another tease shot

106.jpg (58188 bytes)

Some guys like to see red


I almost forgot Everybodys into body sizes and such these days and I'll more then likely get a few E-mails asking so I'll give You some Info real fast









0r 10

Dress Size

A Small or a Medium

blouse and top size

My feet git a 8, 9 or 10

Womens sizes are all over the board Guys

It ALL depends on the clothes maker..I really wish they get there fricken heads together in My life time...*sigh*

I have a dress that says it's a Size 22 and it's tight...I hate to be the Women that needs a size 100 with that size scale....=-P

You can do the math to get My body poundage ..

I'll Never tell...

And come to think of it...I'm Not mailing Myself anyplace... So.. What's the Big deal there anyway...?..?

As You can see I'm a Nicly Trim Sporty Model...=-)


I'll keep My age to Myself ....Thank You....I'll let You know this...I'm old enought to do anything and everything legally and young enough not to know better just yet, But Catty enough to stay out of trouble...Well for a day or so...Tops....

I tryed for a full week once and it darn near almost killed Me...!..!


Even so after all that's been seen so far, I can still pass for just being 18

And maybe even lower then that EVEN.!.!.....In some of the Really Cheezy photo's that You have Seen




Not only that if I let out My age.... I Am no Longer Timeless...

And if You knew My true age You would faint

I will give you a hint..Kennedy as still ALIVE and in Office when I was Born and Home Computer where just a Dream






The Fare Well Shot

Picture 87.jpg (191901 bytes)

Well....It's been a blast folks...And I jusk hate to see You go as You can see...=-(

I hope You injoyed Yourself in My little chunk of Cheeze out in Cyber Space today...But like all good cheezy web pages it has to come to a end sometime....Well...You knew You couldn't scroll down forever... I did try to make it last as long as posable ....=-)

I bet You needed to reload a few times ..(*(Sorry)*) about that...

Well ...Just think of it as turning a page on a vary good Cheezy book...=-)

I hope you where saying...Come on load faster, load faster..!!

And I hope I pulled it all off with Style and Class....=-)

Becase there Is Nothing Better then a

Realy Good Classy Chunk Of Cheeze


I will be putting up the next galley little after summers end so I have a good tan going.....I will post a message near the top of this gallery when it;s open with a link to the next chunk of cheeze..=-)

We My New found friend We both got threw the little or no-make up Gallery with flying colors I feel...

So the next one is all war Paint Cheeze

And Glim Glam bling* Bling* Cheeze

I have My sights set on one of the queens of Cheeze as You know...=-)


Oh...I almost forgot something...Umm...Do You Remember that silly old rime I started with when You first came in...?

When I said I'm a 11

Hmm....I thought abought it long and hard and I feel that I'm not really a 11 After All what's said and done Here....

I Just Totally Underestimated Myself Once Again ,Like I Always seem to Do in life it seems...


If.... I am even on the scales at ALL in mens minds I would have to say...


I Am Just A 7


PLUSE 7...

And Not just a silly old 11

I Am A Easy 14k* For Sure..!.!.!

And A Vary Rare *Stone Indeed

And part of A Vary Rare Blond Babe Breed



My IQ is 162

178 On Good Day


*(All I Ever Wanted Was For Guys To Just Respect Me For My Mind)*

Are You really...Rreally Giong to Read the Small type here Yet Again...Ummm..Didn't You learn the first time around That I need to unload some Land On Mars..?.?



* Vary Funny *


(*( And I Am Vary Shy)*)

Iv Got Some Other Really Cool Places To Sell You Out Around the STARS...=-)



(*( And I look like Jail Bait)*)

Bingo..We have a another Winer !




As You can clearly see...I Am Realy getting a kick out of doing this Really Cheezy Web Site and having Oh So much fun in trying to put a A Big Really Cheezy smiles on many peaples faces ...=-)

Hey...If You Can't laugh at Yourself who can You laugh with...?


That's what this is ALL about in the first place and I hope I did a pritty Funny job doing it today for You My New Found Friend..=-)



And...Thanks Again for stopping in


Well....Ta ..ta ...Till the next photo gallery



Would You like to sign My guest book before You go...?


Sign Guest Book

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For Me








What..?. ?. ?




You still want more...?




Oh You Guys ....Your Just Imposable to please I see..!!



Well....okay...Okay...One or two more for the road But that's it...




The bed time shot

Picture 231.jpg (173558 bytes)

Look into My eye's...Your getting Vary Sleepy...Your getting Sleepy ..Your getting Vary Sleepy...I'ts getting late ....Nighty Night....sleep tight


I Hope I'm in Your dreams tonight...=-)









What....?.....Your still up...?




Can't sleep ....?...?...?




OH...Nuts....I thought I had You for a sec...I saw Your eyes closing,But Your brain waves where still vary vary much active...




Umm...may I ask...?..?....



What are You thinking about..?..?..?




Well... You Can E-mail Me


With Your Thoughts

I love to hear from (*(You)*)


If You just want to say good job..or bad...Or just want to say Hi and get to know me a little as Good old friends ...

That's totaly Fine and that's why I put a E-mails on this web site ...=-)

All I ask is this...Be Nice...I'm Nice.... I Don't Care For Creepy or buggy E-mails

You may try to sneek them in...I a genie blink them out...I'm Fire walled to death over on my end and I use a Mac to screen Emails...So Please Don't  bother...That's how Cyber Space works in My life...=-)

I dump those faster then You can write them ...*Poof*...In a bink of My (*(Blue)*) eye with out a care or write back bother.

I hate to leave on such a bad note..But ..Guys...guys...Guys...Please ...I was not born yesterday,even if I looked like I was, And I have a pretty good clue on how guys are sometimes...I just hope Your not one of Those types of Guys...=-(


To Everybody out There that got this far on My Realy Cheezy Web Site out in Cyber Space Today....

I Just Want You To think of this...You will never Ever think of Mona Lesa in the same old Stuffy way ever again...=-)

And everytime You hear Mona Lisa's name Or see Her face I hope

(*(You)*) have the same Little cheeky smile she did in the painting and it last all day long...=-)


You Now know how she got that cheeky little smile...=-)

 And I Hope You Remember who told Little old You...little old Me From a Really Cheezy Womens point Of View




And May I say the few words I Pray


I hope (*(You)*) Leave Today With A Vary BIG Really Cheezy Smile On Your face And Peace And Love In Your Heart...=-)

And Let Me Wish This On You right now...

May Every Day that (*(YOU)*) live from now on be the Best Damn Day (*(YOU)*) Ever had in Your life and every day after that just get's better and better....=-)




And I Will try Really Hard...Not to blow up the Sun

And I hope I can be tame...

But...If It ever does go...Oh ...Well...You know...Who You need to Really look for to take the Blam

And then You can look up in the sky in Wonder..Oh My God !!  She did It.!! Well ,I'll be A SUN of a Gun..And nothing Ever EVER will Be the same




And Thank You once again, My New Found Friend for stopping In

This is truly The End...






By By




The Daina Diamond*Goddess of Light shot


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Well ..That's a Rap...=-)

This One's In The Can




*You Count In My Book*


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And I Thank You..=-)



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